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Shining care Quality Care

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The following standards promote a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to providing quality care that is service user-centred. They reflect and complement the quality standards used in the care management process and recognise that the provision of relevant and timely information about the person before he or she receives a service from the agency is essential. Having a caring, open and responsive approach where the service user feels respected as an individual and his or her needs are being met is key to the delivery of quality services. These minimum standards for Shining care domiciliary care agency promote the empowerment of service users and strongly encourage a proactive engagement and a listening partnership with each service user to ensure they feel involved in and can influence the operation of the agency. The use of both informal feedback mechanisms and more formal arrangements with service users and gaining carers’ and relatives’ views about the services provided, listening to and responding to compliments, comments and complaints will provide managers and staff with essential information about improvements that can be made. Before a service commences, prospective service users and their carers/relatives need information about the agency. They can gain this through reading the “Service User’s Guide”, and reports made about the agency by the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority. To enable service users to retain as much control as possible over their own affairs and to ensure they or those acting on their behalf have full information, Shining Care is expected to have open and transparent arrangements for all their services and provide all relevant information in suitable formats. Individual agreements will clarify what is expected for each service user. The agency’s primary responsibility is for ensuring that the domiciliary care workers (care workers) it supplies are able to provide suitable care for the service users referred to it through Health and Social Care UK , and for its self-referred service users. It is also Shining care agency’s responsibility to assess the fitness of people it employs as care workers and to manage and monitor them in caring for service users.

Values underpinning the standards

The philosophy and practices of Shining domiciliary care agency lead to a friendly and caring service where service users are listened to and feel valued, their rights are upheld, their cultural and religious beliefs are respected and receiving a service is a positive and beneficial experience. In order to achieve this, managers and staff are at all times have the following values firmly embedded in their practice.

Dignity and respect

The uniqueness and intrinsic value of individual service users is acknowledged and each person is treated with respect.


Service users have as much control as possible over their lives whilst being protected against unreasonable risks.


Service users’ individual and human rights are safeguarded and actively promoted within the context of services delivered by the agency.

Equality and diversity

Service users are treated equally and their background and culture are valued. The services provided by the agency fit within a framework of equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice.


Service users are offered, wherever possible, the opportunity to select independently from a range of options based on clear and accurate information.


Service users have a legal right to determine what happens to them and their informed, genuine and valid consent to the care and support they receive is essential.


Service users know that information about them is managed appropriately and everyone involved in the agency respects confidential matters


Service users feel as safe as is possible, in all aspects of their care and life, and are free from exploitation, neglect and abuse.